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The real enthusiast knows that Vespa has been around for a long time and has a rich history in designing and making scooters. Some old Vespa models are very popular that people want to have them and restore them back to their original. In the Vespa Vintage Shop you will find everything you need to restore your vintage scooter.

What completes a vintage Vespa is of course the accessories. In the Accessories (Vintage) we have the most important components gathered for you. From luggage racks to real vintage mirrors and a real vintage windscreen to make your Vespa perfect, we got it.

The Vespa vintage shop has almost all spare parts to keep your scooter running or to bring it back to life. From the horn to a flashing light, in Electric Parts (Vintage) you will find everything when it comes to electricity and more.

On the page frame rubber parts and KM counter (Vintage) you will find tires, inner tubes, handles and more. Also for example the Vespa special 50 odometer is available here. Even small parts such as a plug or cable gland can be found on this page.

The heart of the scooter will always will be the engine. Of course, your scooter does not come to life without the engine. Even for a vintage engine, there are still separate parts available. Whether it's the engine itself or a wheel axle and exhaust. If you want to go on the road with your Vintage Vespa, you do that with a well running engine with parts of the Motor (Vintage) page.

On the page Suspension and brakes (Vintage) you will find essential parts for your vintage Vespa. Shock absorbers, a steering wheel, but also wheel bearings, axles and pins.

Of course you can’t drive without a saddle. On the Saddles, Buddy seats (Vintage) page you can find everything for your saddle. From new cushions, handles and coverings to even lose springs.

Are you refurbishing an old vintage Vespa? Here you will find all the parts to make your vintage scooter or moped from Vespa as new again!