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The well-known brand Yamaha founded in 1887 as a manufacturer of musical instruments, where it is still a major player in the market today. After the 2nd World War, it was then decided to set up a separate division for the construction of motorcycles, under the name Yamaha Motor Corporation. 'With the first motorcycle they built, the YA-1, they entered a race and immediately won the first race. This win gave Yamaha a boost in self-confidence and they were ready to compete with the rest of the world.

With good knowledge of the 2-stroke engine Yamaha has invested in making the 4-stroke engine. With the 650cc engine XS-1 in 1970 they had their first 4-stroke motorcycle on the market. Since then, Yamaha has expanded in to off-road vehicles, golf carts, generators and even industrial robots. This was even extended to high-performance car engines and water vehicles.

In 1998 Yamaha released the YZF-R1 on the market. This was the most remarkable super sport motor for the next 10 years.

Now Yamaha is a brand that cannot be ignored. With their beautiful and strong sports motorcycles and scooters, but also with the maxi-scooter, Yamaha is a brand you can rely on.

For the real enthusiast of Yamaha with their rich history, you want to show that you love  it. With the merchandise and clothing from Yamaha you get a sporty and great look. And for the true fan, there is obviously nothing you want to miss out on.

In the Yamaha shop you can find everything for your Yamaha motorcycle or scooter. Whether you are looking for clothes, accessories, merchandise or original parts, here you can find everything from Yamaha! For the latest Yamaha collections with clothing and merchandise, click on "Yamaha Collections".

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