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News & Bargains is a page to keep an eye on. Here you will find our offers, promotions, bargains, news, new products, etc.
In Special Offers, we place products that are priced down. This may be temporary, sometimes we will close a good deal with a supplier so we can offer these items with an attractive discount for a certain period of time. We also offer discontinued products here, often with big discount But in this case, it applies to =.
Looking for a nice gift for a scooter rider but you have no idea what this person needs or likes. Then an Easyparts gift voucher is a good solution. Then he or she can figure out something when it comes to him or her without going out the door.
Hot Parts contains the items we sell a lot. Take a look around, maybe it brings an idea.
In News you will find news about the website. For example, something we have changed or improved. You can also check a list of the latest products we have added to the webshop. Looking for a scooter magazine with the latest news.
Check the group magazines. Here you will find all editions of the ScooterXpress. But attention, the language is Dutch. 

Attenzione! Stiamo ancora lavorando sulle traduzioni di tutte le pagine. I nomi degli articoli e certe pagine possono ancora apparire in olandese o in inglese.